Another successful year at Ayer’s Cliff Fair

By Samantha Young
Another successful year at Ayer’s Cliff Fair

By Claudia Villemaire

The gates closed Sunday evening on another great fair – for the 173rd time. Directors agreed this was another success for the record books.
“No I don’t think we had record attendance but after all, it can only go up for so long,” they said, wisely.
The Hatley 4H Club held their final auction after the parade with sales of turkeys netting over $6,000 bringing the total in five years to over $18,000 profits which are donated to the Childrens’ Wish Foundation. Turkey chicks are allotted to members who must feed and care for their charges, exhibit them at the fair and give them up for auction. With sunny weather all weekend and the popular truck pulling on Sunday night, another Ayer’s Cliff fair will be remembered as a ‘good time’ event , attended by around 20,000 visitors.


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