Appalachain Corridor has new land to protect

Appalachain Corridor has new land to protect

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Appalachain Corridor, a non-profit conservation organization created in 2002 whose mission is to protect the natural habitats of the Appalachian region of southern Quebec, received a donation of 13.75-hectare (33.98 acres) of land from the Castonguay-Robitaille family in Abercorn to be protected and conserved.

The land covers 14 hectares (34 acres) of forest habitat, riparian areas of the Sutton River and large wetlands. It is also home to a rich biodiversity and represents a suitable environment for the Sutton River wood turtle, a species that is designated as vulnerable in Quebec. “We know that this population has suffered a great decline largely due to the increase in human activity in the region,” commented Clément Robidoux, director of conservation for Appalachian Corridor, in the press release. “We are grateful for the gesture made by the family to contribute, among other things, to the maintenance of natural environments to help this population recover.”

As part of their conservation easement project, the Castonguay-Robitaille family chose to retain ownership of their entire property, but agreed to forego certain activities for the portion now dedicated to conservation. Several discussions with the family led to the development of a project tailored to their needs and objectives.

To carry out the project, Appalachian Corridor worked with its local affiliate, the Fiducie foncière du mont Pinacle (FFMP). Among other things, the FFMP assists landowners in the surrounding local municipalities with their conservation projects. Appalachian Corridor carried out the technical and financial work upstream and the FFMP will take on the responsibility for the monitoring of the project.

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