Appalachian Corridor details ecological connectivity plan

By Michael Boriero
Appalachian Corridor details ecological connectivity plan
A simulation of a possible wildlife corridor, part of the Ecological Connectivity Plan. (Photo : Courtesy Appalachian Corridor)

The Appalachian Corridor, a non-profit conservation organization protecting natural environments and biodiversity in the Eastern Townships, announced its Highway 10 Ecological Connectivity Plan during a press conference last week.
The rigorous plan, born out of extensive analysis and consultation with municipalities, the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ) and Ministry of Environment and Fight Against Climate Change, was in development for two years. But it has been in motion for a decade.
The organization has been studying seven key sectors, two in Bromont-Shefford, three in West Bolton-Stukely-South, one in Eastman and one in Austin-Magog, based on four basic criteria: road mortality, land use, proximity to an ecological corridor, and proximity to a waterway.
“The next step for us is to discuss with the premier, minister of transportation, wildlife, environment and try to put them together to work on this project, but we need high political leadership saying this is a priority,” said the organization’s Executive Director Mélanie Lelièvre.
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