Are you a part of the puzzle club?

By Gordon Lambie

At the Grace Village retirement in community in Huntingville, a small but dedicated team is hard at work trying to solve a puzzle. A jigsaw puzzle, that is.
“This one is very hard, we’ve been working on it about a week” said Gerry Meesen, one of the members of Grace Village’s puzzle club who met with The Record on Tuesday. The puzzle in question is a 1,000 piece Amsterdam street scene filled with a variety of shapes and colours that Meesen and her fellow puzzlers are trying to piece together. So far they’ve got the sides and all the corners, but there’s a space in the middle waiting to be filled. “I think it is the hardest one we’ve ever done,” added Shirley Patton. In this group, that is really saying something. While not sure of the exact number, the women estimated that the various members of the club have put together close to 200 jigsaw puzzles over the last two and a half years, the majority of which have been in the 1,000 piece range. “Sometimes we’re three working at it and sometimes we’re one working at it” Patton said, noting that the experience can be a very social one, with passersby, staff members, and visitors of the home stopping on their way by to puzzle over a piece or two before moving on. “Sometimes we’re doing more talking than puzzling,” she added with a chuckle. See full story in the Wednesday, Jan. 15 edition of The Record.

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