Art finds a new home at RRHS

By Gordon Lambie
Art finds a new home at RRHS

Richmond Regional High School inaugurated its new art room yesterday afternoon with a ribbon cutting ceremony that marked the end of more than eight years of effort. The new classroom, which was converted from the space that once housed the school’s machine shop, offers a larger and more purposefully designed space for the creation of new works of art both by students and members of the community.

“We’re getting a lot of positive response to the new art room,” said Julia Barrowman, the RRHS art teacher who has been pushing for the development of such a space for close to a decade. “Art has been the most popular option at Richmond regional since I was here. This year it was so popular we had to hire a second art teacher.”

Aside from being larger than the existing art room at the school the new space features a larger, better sink for cleanup and equipment that will allow students to try their hand at pottery.

The art teacher said that although there was significant interest over the years in the art room project, the amount of renovation work that needed to be done to the old workshop got in the way of the grant-seeking process.

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