Ascot Corner inaugurates new mini-ecocentre

Ascot Corner inaugurates new mini-ecocentre

By Jack Wilson


Ascot Corner mayor Nathalie Bresse cut the ribbon June 5 to mark the official opening of the town’s “mini-ecocentre.” The centre is open from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturdays between April and November for the town’s residents to drop off waste for repurposing. The ecocentre sits behind Ascot Corner’s municipal garage and has already opened for two Saturdays, beginning May 27.

Opening an ecocentre has been a priority for several years, said city councillor Stéphane Baillargeon. During a 2017 public consultation, “one of the things that came out as a priority for our citizens was to be an environmentally responsible municipality,” he said. The town’s 2017 integrated action plan aimed to build an ecocentre.

“The old way for towns was to have a day where everyone would put things on the curb, we’d come by with a truck and put everything in the same truck without distinction and bring it to the landfill,” Baillargeon said. “We know now that bringing waste to landfills is the worst thing we can do.”

With a price tag of $37,500, the ecocentre is significantly cheaper than original plans, Bresse said. Initial proposals included erecting a building. “We said no, we don’t have the money for that.”

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