Ayer’s Cliff author hosts book launch party for first novel

By Quinn Ruby
Ayer’s Cliff author hosts book launch party for first novel
(Photo : Quinn Ruby)

Jane Baird Warren hosted a party at Auberge Ayer’s Cliff on Thursday, Oct. 20 to celebrate the launch of her first novel, How to Be a Goldfish. The middle grade novel published by Scholastic came out on Oct. 4.
Guests at the launch party mingled, ate, and drank for the first hour. Baird Warren then addressed the attendees, thanking them for coming, and thanked her publisher, the cover artist, her family, and everyone else that made the novel possible. Guests were then given the opportunity to purchase the novel and have it signed by the author.
She gifted representatives of the local library and English elementary school with copies of the novel in addition to small packages of curated books. She added that when the novel becomes available in French she will also donate a copy to the local French elementary school. She also gifted 25 copies to the Eastern Townships School Board, one copy for each school. This was essential to do because as a former teacher, she understands how teachers have to take money from their own pockets for teaching materials. “Even back in those days, we had to do a lot of our own buying of things. I mean, budgets for teachers just aren’t what they used to be,” she says.
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