Ayer’s Cliff health co-op turns to experience over youth

By Michael Boriero - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
Ayer’s Cliff health co-op turns to  experience over youth

The Massawippi Valley Health Centre (CSVM), a community-owned health cooperative in Ayer’s Cliff that provides general medical services to the Massawippi Valley community, has recently revitalized its operations.
The co-op struggled to keep up with patients’ demands over the last few years because they lacked doctors. They were also unsuccessful in their attempts to attract newly-graduated doctors through the plans régionaux d’effectifs médicaux (PREM) program.
The Quebec government set up the PREM in an effort to send newly-graduated family physicians to the regions. But the system is broken, said CSVM President Henry Khouri, the Eastern Townships receives little support, so they shifted their hiring strategy.
“We decided if we’re not getting anywhere with PREM why don’t we try to attract experienced physicians who are on their way to retirement […] and would like a different lifestyle for their practice and that proved to be quite successful for us,” he said.
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