Ayer’s Cliff runs wrong flag up the pole, no one salutes

By Matthew McCully

Last week residents noticed a change in the positioning of the flags in front of town hall in Ayer’s Cliff, and it created a stir.
“We never thought there would be so many disagreements,” commented Ayer’s Cliff Mayor Vincent Gérin, “It wasn’t a political decision.”
According to Gérin, the municipality received a written complaint las week suggesting that in displays within the province, the Quebec flag should be the most prevalent.
Previously, the provincial flag was positioned beneath the Canadian flag on the pole.
After discussions with the town manager, Gérin, admitting he was indifferent about which flag should be on top, opted to change the flag positions to appease the complainant.
“We got several phone calls,” Gérin, from community members upset by the change.
Gérin then took a closer look at the law regarding flags and discovered the town was in the wrong-not because Canada belongs on top- but because Quebec should stand alone.
A municipality is required to fly the Quebec flag in front of the building where council sits for meetings, and it is supposed to be on a single mast.
“We were already illegal,” Gérin discovered, even if Canada was above Quebec.
The mayor said for the time being, the Canadian flag will be put back on top, and council is making plans in the coming months to get the flag situation up to code.
“It’s a minor change but I can understand,” Gérin said, about the reaction to Canada getting moved below Quebec. “But some would rather Quebec be on top,” he added.

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