Ayer’s Cliff’s experiencing new business boom in town centre

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Ayer’s Cliff’s experiencing new business boom in town centre

The small municipality of Ayer’s Cliff has seen an unprecedented growth in the number of small businesses within the past year. With most of the new shops being located on the 147, the main street in town, both the municipality and the community are happy to see new life take shape on their quaint street.

One of the newly established businesses is Café Folies, a successful edition to the shops lining the main street. “The café had originally been around since 2018, however when I bought it, I completely changed the interior and menu,” said Michael Correia, owner of Café Folies. Since it’s opening last October, the café has garnered much success from both residents and travellers during its first passion for cooking and wanted to start my own business,” said Correia, adding, “Both the natural landscape and the community are great here.” Having seen the response from the community and his customers, Correia is glad to have chosen Ayer’s Cliff as the location for Café Folies.

Across the road from Café Folies is the Old G.D. House store, a historic building in the town of Ayer’s Cliff since its construction in 1892. While it too had been left vacant for many years, the newly acquired building will soon be renovated as a functional storefront. “I bought the building to make two rental premises, said Guy Patry, owner of the local grocery store and well-known entrepreneur in the town. After doing business in Ayer’s Cliff for around 30 years, he believes that remodelling the building while keeping the historic exterior will be beneficial for cultural development.
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