Barking up the right tree?

Barking up the right tree?
Local Roy Patterson poses with Shamus at the front door of a potential new dog-friendly, co-working space in Lennoxville (Photo : William Crooks)

Local man raising funds for “dog-friendly, co-working space” in Lennoxville

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

Local Roy Patterson wants every dog to have its day and is looking for help to make it happen. His idea is to purchase a property on the outskirts of Lennoxville near the 410 highway and make it into a “dog-friendly, co-working space.” He has already raised $9,000 in the past two weeks towards his $100,000-in-90-days goal.

“I see three dog spaces,” Patterson said, describing his plan as he toured this reporter around the potential location April 2. The first “space” is a large concrete slab at the front of the building. “The inside is all an open dog area and co-working space,” he continued. A little hill behind the building up into the woods leads to a flat third space in the back.

Dogs will stay close to their owners, whether inside or outside, he explained. He sees the building as a good spot for dog-owners with jobs such as graphic designers, architects, or freelancers. Students might like it, too.

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