Barn felling at the Wales Home

By Gordon Lambie
Barn felling at the Wales Home
(Photo : Gordon Alexander)

Work got underway on Wednesday on the demolition of the barn and silos of the old Wales Home farm.
Although the farm has been a well-known part of the home for many years, recent disuse combined with plans to build a significant independent-living expansion on the northwest side of the current complex required the demolition of the existing buildings.
Speaking with The Record on Wednesday afternoon, Wales Home Executive Director Brendalee Piironen said that the condition of the barn was also a factor in the timing.
“The barn was starting to fall apart,” Piironen said, explaining that parts of the tin roof were seen flying off during a windstorm during the summer. “It was a concern and it had to come down anyway.”
As to the expansion project, Piironen said construction is already underway.

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