BCS players present Whispers

By Gordon Lambie
BCS players present Whispers
Front Row: Ivan Sevostyanov (sitting on the tree stump), Ana Claudia O'Reilly, Priscilla Allatt, Violetta Zeitlinger Fontana Second Row: Caleb Aubut, Haroan (Alan) Yin, Zuzanna Skolimowska, Cala Tesolin, Ivannia Gomezgil Yaspik, Emma Hopkins, Thuy Anh Doan, Luke Fedida, Maeave MacLachlan (Photo : Courtesy)

The BCS Players’ Club at Bishop’s College School is right in the middle of its most recent production, this time taking on Whispers by Kendra Thomas. According to BCS Drama teacher Miranda McGie, the story focuses on a teenage girl who is grappling with the death of her father in Iraq, and deals with the idea of coping with loss and how to move forward. “I chose this play because we often don’t hear these stories,” McGie said, noting that the struggle of children and teens who lose a parent to war are just as real, but less talked about in contemporary society. See full story in the Friday, Dec. 7 edition of The Record.

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