Behind the doors of Le Emporium

Behind the doors of Le Emporium
Jacques Campbell outside of his store Le Emporium (Photo : Priscilla Allatt )

By Priscilla Allatt
Special to The Record

Like most small businesses this year, the antique Shop Le Emporium, owned and managed by Jacques Campbell, has faced numerous trials. But for this charming store located in the heart of North Hatley, Covid hasn’t been the number one enemy. “North Hatley is a beautiful area; because of this, there is always a crowd that wants to visit,” said Campbell.
“Typically, we receive tourists from the United States or Europe. Yet, this year they came from within Canada instead.” He said, “Yes, no one was allowed in, but no one was allowed out either. So, Covid didn’t affect our business, it just meant a change in customers.”
But if COVID-19 wasn’t the cause of the problems faced by Campbell and his partner Serge Bouffard, what was?
“The antique world is in a rut,” said Campbell, “The older generation is moving into smaller condos or apartments, and the younger generation aren’t buying their old stuff,” he said.

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