Belleau bids a fond farewell

By Gordon Lambie

After five years spent serving as riding office director for Compton-Stanstead’s Member of Parliament, Marie-Claude Bibeau, Jacqueline Belleau announced on Wednesday that she will soon join the organization Actions interculturelles as its Regional Director for the Eastern Townships and Quebec. Belleau takes up the local reins of the organization from Geneviève Couture, who has left the region to pursue new professional challenges.
“We are very proud and happy that Jacqueline chose to help us in the achievement of our mission,” said Mohamed Soulami, Managing Director of Actions interculturelles. “She is recognized for her humanity, her dedication to the causes she defends and for her talents as a unifier. She is action-oriented and enjoys taking on new challenges to contribute to positive changes in society.”
Speaking with The Record on Wednesday afternoon, Belleau said that she has always been a person who feels called to new things over time.
“I started out working for the U.N. and there you change positions every three to five years,” she said, explaining that she often starts to feel restless after that same period of time regardless of the job she is serving in. “I’ve been like that my whole life.”
In terms of her choice to work with Actions interculturelles, Belleau said that she felt a particular desire to work with immigrant communities in the area to help build a more inclusive society together.

In her new role, Belleau will be responsible for leading a dynamic team working on projects throughout Quebec. In her new role, she will oversee the organization’s flagship initiatives such as the “Dialogue Plus” project, the “Foire Diversité Emploi” project, as well as the new employability project “Mon avenir j’y vois : pour cultiver mon integration.”

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