Benjamin Hunting on cracking Code 45

By Michael Boriero – Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Benjamin Hunting entered uncharted territory two years ago when he started working on his graphic novel, Code 45, now nearing its second stretch goal of $15,000 on Kickstarter.
A freelance automotive journalist living in Montreal, Hunting never imagined he would one day publish a five-issue graphic novel. He joined the comic book world later in life, where he became enamoured with graphic novels, rather than heroes in capes and cowls.
“It was people using the medium to tell very different stories and I was really drawn to that and the power of combining visuals with words in a unique way; it really spoke to me,” he said.
Hunting, who grew up in Huntingville, explained that he developed an urge to pursue more creative writing. He has already written a novel, but he never went all in with publishing and marketing.

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