Better winter than expected in Orford

Better winter than expected in Orford
Picturesque view of Mount-Orford (Photo : Mathieu Dupuis)

By Marie-Camille Théorêt
Special to The Record

With the snow now beginning to thaw, both Orford’s National Park and Mont-Orford have reported a positive winter despite COVID-19 restrictions and uncertainties.
Last Saturday, Mont-Orford National Park announced that both the seasons of cross-country skiing and fatbike had come to an end. Winter trails are also closing soon for the whole thaw period and “to protect the fragile environments crossing our trails and to ensure a good support capacity for our infrastructure.” Looking back on the winter, the national park is satisfied with the way things unfolded.
“In general, everything went well. We didn’t really know how things would turn out, but our planning was great, and we had good infrastructure. It went beyond our expectations,” mentioned the national park’s interim director Mario Landry.

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