Big chill a reminder of the deep freeze

By Matthew McCully
Big chill a reminder of the deep freeze
(Photo : Courtesy)

It was just around this time in January 1998, after successive days of freezing rain, when Townshippers were plunged into darkness and left without power at the coldest point of winter.

Luckily, communities rallied, providing shelter, heat and supplies to neighbours as Hydro workers reconnected the countless power lines knocked down by frozen trees and poles. Some went more than a month before getting back to normal.

Who could have guessed that Townshippers would again be tested, years later, by a very different kind of storm.
If there’s a common thread between the two events, it’s that even in the doom and gloom, there are countless stories of helpers helping and working together to remain as connected as possible while waiting in the dark.
Stay warm, stay safe.

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