Bill 96 restricting local governments

Bill 96 restricting local governments

By Lawrence Belanger

Local Journalism Initiative


As bilingual communities across the Townships praised the passage of their resolutions to ensure their ability to continue offering English services to residents, the MRC of Coaticook was sounding a different tune.

In a press release dated Feb 9, the MRC announced that because of its lack of bilingual status, and the absence of any bilingual municipalities within the MRC, it will have to use French exclusively in most of its written communications by June 1.

“Although the MRC de Coaticook has made a habit of translating many of its messages and

and documents for English-speaking people, it will now have to comply with the requirements of the requirements of the Act respecting the official and common language of Quebec,” explains the press release.

While communities with bilingual status in Quebec are allowed to communicate and publish forms and legal documents in English and French, with the new rules as passed by the CAQ government in Bill 96, all other municipal governments are legally prohibited from communicating in any other language than French, with exceptions for safety, security, and health emergencies.


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