Bill Lavers tribute a success

Bill Lavers tribute a success

Country Connection

By Jessie Pelletier


On Sunday, Sept. 24, people gathered at The Stanstead Legion to pay a tribute to musician Bill Lavers. Lavers was a dominant figure on the local music scene, especially at the Stanstead Legion. Musicians and friends gathered to pay him a well-deserved tribute.
The event, organized by Brad Crawford, was a phenomenal success. The room was packed, and many musicians were there to provide the entertainment.
Lavers was presented with a plaque to thank him for his time and talent to entertain the crowds of dancers for so many years.  The musicians took turns performing to pay tribute to the hero of the day and please the audience of roughly180 people.
Brent Sheldon, Ross Roach, Ronnie Hazeltine, Rodney Largy (from Ontario) Hakim, Steve Aulis, Jerry Dion, Bobbi Dee, Frank Young and Lynda Gosselin all generously took part in the celebration by offering their kind of music.
Tommy Archer and his girlfriend graciously provided the mechoui to feed the people in attendance. It was excellent and appreciated by everyone. Many ladies also provided salads and desserts to complete the meal. Many volunteers were on hand to help serve people.

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