Billy Lidstone going back to the basics

By Gordon Lambie

Four months after a fire destroyed the building that housed his first brick-and-mortar storefront, Billy Lidstone says that he’s going back to the model that served him best over the last few years to get back on his feet. “Basically I’m going back to my roots,” the chef told The Record on Wednesday. “I started the business from home about six years ago doing smaller contracts and whathaveyou.” He recalled, adding that he would rent out commercial kitchens for any contracts too large for his home kitchen to handle. During the spring and winter months Lidstone plans to continue with his most successful products; the “chef at home” model of bringing restaurant-style table service into people’s family dining rooms, the “private chef” contracts through which he prepares meals for people from their own pantries by an hourly rate, and the larger-scale hot and cold buffets that he has come to be known for around Lennoxville. “Those are the three big ones,” he said, adding that they will make up the balance of his work for the foreseeable future. See full story in the Friday, Jan. 17 edition of The Record.

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