Birthday wishes for Fitch Bay’s Frederick Stillman Keet

Birthday wishes for Fitch Bay’s  Frederick Stillman Keet
Fred receiving a certificate of congratulations from the Queen. (Photo : Courtesy)

Frederick Stillman Keet, born November 26, 1920, will be celebrating his 100th birthday next week.
Fred attended the school in Fitch Bay and was married to Connie Cass who lived at the Orchard on the East Road. He has since retired to Saskatchewan Fred Keet’s parents, and subsequently his brother Alton G. Keet, owned the General Store in Georgeville during the 1950s and 1960s before Alton & Dell moved to British Columbia in 1969
The Keet family (John and Mireille Keet and their sons) still own the Farm located between Georgeville and Fitch Bay. Fred was on the board of the Fitch Bay Consolidated School, a Trustee of Georgeville United Church and was an active member of the Quebec Farmer’s Association.
Imagine the changes he has seen in his life:
As a teen during the great depression in the 1930s he worked in the woods one winter and earned $70 selling the wood, enough to buy a new suit of clothes at the time. He left to work on the con-struction of the Beauharnois Dam but decided he was better-off back at the farm in Georgeville. He courted Connie Cass. The roads were not passable by automobile in the winter, so he would use a horse and sleigh to go visit her. When WW2 was declared, he was rejected by the army doctors for having a “heart murmur” but several of his brothers served in the war efforts.
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