Bishop delves into Desirous Wonder

By Cassie MacDonell, Local Journalism Initiative
Bishop delves into Desirous Wonder
(Photo : Gordon Lambie)

“A few people have told me there was a healing element to (Desirous Wonder). That fundamentally is my goal, to help others,” said new Eastern Townships author Greg Bishop.
Bishop has taken the goal of helping others seriously, evident from his former position as executive director of Grace Village and his former role in the RCMP, where he was known as an accomplished forensic interviewer.
“I worked all over the world in that field teaching and conducting interviews on very high profile crimes,” he explained. Many of these interviews brought him face to face with offenders who have committed terrible crimes such as murder, genocide, and crimes against children. Over time, the exposure to such intense situations took a toll on Bishop’s physical and psychological health. “I went through a very difficult time with post-traumatic stress disorder and I came to understand the stigma attached to that,” said Bishop.
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