Bishop’s athletes adapt to no practice or gym access

By David Rossiter, Special to The Record
Bishop’s athletes adapt to no practice or gym access
(Photo : Paul Szabo)

This school year has been a challenging one for all factions of the Bishop’s University community. Varsity athletic teams are no exception. Having no inter university competition has certainly been a let-down for Bishop’s Gaiters student athletes. However, the challenges they face are much more varied than simply disappointment.
Year-round physical fitness is necessary to play a sport at the university level. During the bulk of the fall semester at Bishop’s, sports practices were permitted, and the fitness centre was open. Provincial lockdown and regional red-zone restrictions, however, make that unlikely for the coming winter semester. Gaiter athletes now have to adapt and find other ways to stay physically fit.

Karl Szabo, a third-year defender and captain of the Bishop’s lacrosse team explained that it’s more than just lack of gym access making it hard for teams to stay in game shape.

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