Bishop’s breaking ground on new residence building

Bishop’s breaking ground on new residence building
(Photo : Matthew McCully)

By Gordon Lambie

Continuing the push to revitalize and renew the facilities on its campus, Bishop’s University campus has begun the construction of a new residence building meant to replace the aging Mackinnon Hall. According to Deborah Langford, the university’s Director of Ancillary Services, the plan for the 93 bed residence draws on student feedback to try to combine the best aspects of the school’s existing living spaces in a new environment.
“It’s pretty exciting,” Langford said, explaining that although the building will have a slightly smaller capacity than the residence it is meant to replace, that decision was made in the name of providing more shared space for students. Among these she listed a communal kitchen space, a multipurpose gathering room for larger groups, study rooms and lounges, yoga rooms and a multimedia games room/cinema space in the basement.
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