Bishop’s Gaiters women’s basketball welcomes new associate coach

Bishop’s Gaiters women’s basketball welcomes new associate coach
(Photo : Marty Rourke)

By Michael Boriero

Jennifer Mathurin, a former Champlain College Saint-Lambert and NCAA Division I standout, is bringing her talents to the Bishop’s University Gaiters women’s basketball program.
However, this time around she won’t be dashing across the basketball court, dicing through defenders and punishing opponents at the rim. She will instead be sporting a whistle and a coaching clipboard, standing on the sideline as the team’s newest associate coach.
“I’m very excited,” said Mathurin. “I think this is a great opportunity. I’m glad that I’m going to be working with young ladies and I’m going to be, besides the life coach, the only woman on staff; I think that’s super important.”
She said that there are things women would rather not share with men. Women can build bonds and strong relationships with their male coaches, Mathurin added, but it is not the same. Her first experience with female coaches was at North Carolina State University.
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