Bishop’s grad accepted to PhD physics program at Caltech

Bishop’s grad accepted to PhD physics program at Caltech

By Bird Bouchard


A University of Bishop’s graduate has been accepted in the PhD physics program at the California Institute of Technology.

“I’m incredibly grateful to be accepted. It’s quite the opportunity for someone coming from a smaller University in Quebec,” said Jaeden Bardati. “I’m excited because there are a lot of well-respected professors who I could potentially be working with.”

According to the Bishop’s grad, he’s always had an interest in math. So much in fact, he once thought he’d be a mathematician. However, his interest in physics did not develop until he came to the local University. Through classes, extra-curricular research interactions with the physics and astronomy community, and a series of ‘good luck’ events, the 21-year-old realized astrophysics was the perfect match for him.

“There was an email one day from Dr. John Ruan looking for a research assistant. I just happened to apply to it and we started working together. It led me into this field I’m incredibly passionate about. My goal wasn’t to look for the best mentor here, it just fell into place,” he said.

Bardati added he’s thankful to have learned from the many great minds that work at Bishop’s who have helped him along the way. He highlighted his research directed by his mentor.


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