Bishop’s launches UBERGaiter aquatic drone on local lakes

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Bishop’s launches UBERGaiter aquatic drone on local lakes
Bishop's professor Bruno Courtemanche launched the UBERGaiter, a student-built aquatic drone, on Tuesday, June 4 at Lake Brompton. It will help identify invasive plant species in the lake thanks to an underwater camera. (Photo : Courtesy of Bishop's University)

By Emilie Hackett, Special to The Record – Residents on Lake Brompton and Lovering will likely be coming across an interesting device on its shores this summer. It is the UBERGaiter, the Undergraduate Bishop’s Earth Research Group (UBERG)’s aquatic drone, launched on Tuesday, June 4. Built by Bishop’s University students under the supervision of Bruno Courtemanche, professor in the Environment and Geography department, the drone will help map and determine the prevalence of invasive aquatic plants in these lakes.
“Designing the UBERGaiter has been an exciting, hands-on project for the students involved with the UBERG team, and we now get to see whether all of our hard work is rewarded with success,” explained Courtemanche in a recent press release. “If we are successful, we will be in a position to better understand where invasive plant species are found in the lakes we examine, and hopefully this knowledge will prove useful to stakeholders involved with the preservation of those ecosystems.” See full story in the Wednesday, June 5 edition of The Record.

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