Bishop’s men’s basketball team looks to eclipse annual holiday fundraising goal

Bishop’s men’s basketball team looks to eclipse annual holiday fundraising goal
James Murray (Photo : Bishop's Athletics)

By Michael Boriero

The Bishop’s University Gaiters men’s basketball team is once again holding its annual holiday fundraiser virtually through GoFundMe to support families in need at Alexander Galt Regional High School, Richmond Regional High School and Massey Vanier High School.

The Gaiters have already raised over $1,700 since starting the fundraising campaign on Dec. 1. However, the goal is to reach $2,000, and only one day remains before the basketball team presents its donation to the Eastern Townships School Board (ETSB).

James Murray, a third year guard for the Gaiters, has been leading the campaign, alongside the coaching staff, for several years. He told The Record that people can continue to donate throughout the day on Friday, and he is looking to extend the campaign deadline.

“They can do it all day tomorrow,” Murray said, explaining that he and his assistant coach are running the fundraiser. “I think I may talk to him just to see if we can run it an extra day, so run it on the Saturday, as well,” said Murray, adding they want to submit their donation by Monday.

The campaign launched back in 2009. Bishop’s former assistant coach Charles Kobelt started the initiative, and the team kept up with the tradition, raising over $9,500 for the three main English-speaking high schools in the region. Last year they raised $2,117 for the holidays.

With the pandemic in full force, though, they ran the entire campaign online, via GoFundMe, and using social media to spread the word. They also set up a donation partnership with the Provigo in Lennoxville. But it has been slightly harder this year, Murray admitted.
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