Bishop’s principal commits to next steps regarding sexual assault policy

By Geoff Agombar
Local Journalism Initiative
Wednesday evening around 5:30 p.m. Principal and Vice-Chancellor Michael Goldbloom emailed Bishop’s University students and community regarding the ongoing debates about sexual assault policy at the school.
“It has been anguishing to hear that students at Bishop’s feel unsafe on the campus and unsupported by the University,” the message began.
“I have heard the clear message from our students that we need to do more, and as principal I am accountable for ensuring that we do,” Goldbloom declared. “Statements of support and expressions of good intent matter, but the actions of our administration and of our community will be what matter most.”
The statement was published little more than 24 hours before this year’s Take Back the Night March was set to begin, and two weeks after a message plastered along the bridge near the entrance to campus kicked off heightened frustration and debate among the student body.
Goldbloom stressed the sincere concerns and engagement required from the whole community to achieve advances, highlighted resources currently available, and committed to providing support and seeking justice.
Concretely, the message announced an upcoming meeting with students before the end of the week, an upcoming public townhall next week, and the engagement of a third party to investigate “the declarations posted on the bridge.”
Me Danielle Gauthier was announced as an independent, external investigator to examine “the declarations on the bridge made by survivors.” Goldbloom invited “anyone who wishes to share information about these disclosures,” to contact Me Gauthier confidentially at
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