Bishop’s student-athletes hold seminar on anti-racism and discrimination

By Michael Boriero, Local Journalism Initiative
Bishop’s student-athletes hold seminar on  anti-racism and discrimination
(Photo : Courtesy)

The Bishop’s University Student-Athlete Anti Racism and Discrimination Committee (ARDC) held an educational seminar last week at the Centennial Theatre to raise awareness and empower more than 400 student-athletes, coaches and support staff.
The ARDC is led by Kyra Simons and Emily Whalley. Simons, a fifth-year Bishop’s soccer player and masters student, ran the roughly 90-minute seminar in front of her peers on Thursday. The goal was to increase everyone’s knowledge of anti-racism and discrimination.
“The purpose in doing so is just kind of creating, not only that increased education, but having a collective open stance against racism and discrimination as individuals, but also as an institution. I think that’s important,” Simons told The Record in a phone interview Friday.
The committee was formed back in 2020, after the murder of George Floyd. Last week’s seminar, however, wasn’t triggered by any particular event. It had been in the works for nearly six months. This was an opportunity for Bishop’s to send a powerful message, she explained.
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