Bishop’s volunteers lend a helping hand

By Gordon Lambie
Bishop’s volunteers lend a helping hand
(Photo : Centraide Estrie)

A team of volunteers from Bishop’s University participated in Centraide Estrie’s ‘Samedis de La Chaudronnée’ program last weekend, preparing close to 75 meals for people in need in the Sherbrooke community. The team, which included Sonia Patenaude, Denise Lauzière, Kathryn Standish, Caroline Rossier-Lang. Monika Mitchell, Nathaniele Pelletier, Hassina Bitam and Sophie Boyer, prepared a traditional ham supper in time with the Easter holiday.

According to Caroline Falcão from Centraide Estrie, the Samedis de La Chaudronnée project invites organizations and businesses that contribute to the annual Centraide campaign to come prepare a meal at the La Chaudronnée soup kitchen one Saturday per month when the service would otherwise be closed. Groups have been coming on a rotating basis since 2017, with the cost of the meal covered by Centraide.

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