Black Cat Books still struggling with signage

By Gordon Lambie
Black Cat Books still struggling with signage

In late July Janice LaDuke of Black Cat Books was informed by a city inspector that her use of a sandwich board and sale flag were in violation of municipal bylaws and that continuing to use them would result in a fine. On October 20th, despite having removed the offending signs, the bookstore received a letter once again stating that Black Cat Books’ signs are a problem

“It’s so aggravating,” LaDuke said. “(The City) makes us jump through so many hoops.”

The letter, which the bookstore owner said she didn’t receive until last Friday because she was out of town, argues that the sign perpendicular to the building by the store’s entrance is not in the required two to eight foot space from the side of the building and that the signs at the front and on the side of the building are too low to the ground. It advises LaDuke to consult a signage company in order to draw up a proper plan for new signs before November 15.

“I don’t understand it”, LaDuke said, taking out a measuring tape and checking to see that the sign by her store’s door is just under four feet from the wall. “It’s just all so irrelevant.”
For a struggling local business, the owner said, nitpicking about sign heights is enough to put one out of business.

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