Blue Massawippi launches Stop Zebra Mussels fundraiser

Blue Massawippi launches Stop Zebra Mussels fundraiser

Massawippi Foundation to match funds up to $50,000
Record Staff

The Massawippi Foundation has joined forces with Blue Massawippi in the launch of a Stop Zebra Mussels campaign.

The fundraiser is specifically targeted for the fight against zebra mussels, which began on Oct. 15. The Foundation has enlisted the support of friends and donors and will pledge $2 for every dollar raised by Jan. 31.

A group of scientists has determined that, thanks to early detection and rapid response, the zebra mussels in Lake Massawippi could be suppressed over the next three to five years.

Recognizing this opportunity, an anonymous group of lead Massawippi Foundation donors has agreed to stimulate much-needed citizen support as Blue Massawippi initiates a $500,0000 plan to remove the existing mussels and prevent future infestations.

The group of donors will, on top of the $50,000 they committed to launch the intervention, double any donation of $500 or more gifted to Blue Massawippi to a maximum of $ 50,000. “Blue is leading the way on zebra mussels and other threats to the health of the lake,” according to Helene Hamel, Executive Director of the Foundation. “This one-time challenge grant is real; our donors will make this additional grant when Blue can demonstrate that it has received these gifts.”

By granting supporting the actions of Blue Massawippi, the Massawippi Foundation is challenging the community. “Our members are taking this terrible threat to biodiversity very seriously and have spontaneously shown their solidarity and mobilized through us to secure donations,” explains Helene Hamel. “The collective commitment of the municipalities of $30,000, announced in the last days, is a start, but to succeed in this vast operation, both Blue Massawippi and the municipalities need the unconditional support of all citizens.”
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