Border tensions amid mounting COVID-19 concerns

Record Staff

Responding to a Global News story on Thursday that the American government is discussing the deployment of troops near the Canadian Border Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said that any move by the United States to send American soldiers to the border to intercept illegal migrants would be seen as damaging to Canada’s relationship with the United States. Freeland says Canada has made its position clear at a number of levels, including at the health and political levels, that such a step would be unnecessary and not appropriate, given the current public health situation in Canada involving the coronavirus. She said keeping the border free of military presence is an important symbol of the close ties between the Canada and the U.S. and their close military partnership.
On the local level, a new chain-link gate was installed at the Rock Island border crossing on Wednesday. As of this writing the gate remains open.

Published in the Friday, March 27 edition of The Record.

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