Breakfasts are back at the Waterloo legion

By Mable Hastings
Breakfasts are back at the Waterloo legion
(Photo : Courtesy)

Legions have long been the social hub for many communities; especially those active in the small rural areas where they provide for many social gatherings and much community involvement and exchange. Legion Branch 77 in Waterloo, Quebec is no exception to this. Deeply affected by the pandemic, small local branches have found themselves struggling to survive and support their projects and causes. The efforts of legion members are proudly focused on supporting fellow veterans however their outreach is far beyond this role with many becoming a focal point for community activity.

With close to 250,000 members in 1,350 branches, the Royal Canadian Legion reaches across the vast country and abroad to connect us to the past, the partake in the present and to reach into the future. The non-affiliated legion is not associated with any political party or organization and they do not accept financial assistance from any government party for their operations. Branches can however pursue grants through federal, provincial and municipal government programs for projects outside of their normal operations.
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