Bringing people back to the Townships

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
Bringing people back to the Townships
Bethany Vanasse, Eastern Township’s regional agent. (Photo : Bethany Vanasse)

The exodus of young, talented Townshippers has become an issue for the community as the few chose to remain in the region, off to seek opportunities elsewhere. To counteract this concern, Place aux Jeunes has devoted its time and resources to encourage youth from larger cities in the province to move back to the area.

Founded 31 years ago and funded by the Secrétariat à la Jeunesse du Québec, it has become a necessary program at the municipal level with so many young people leaving their homes in the rural Townships to seek opportunities elsewhere. “The whole “raison d’être” of the project is to counteract youth exodus,” said Bethany Vanasse, the agent for the Eastern Township’s area.“A lot of young people, especially when they get their post-secondary degree, move to the big cities where there are more opportunities,” she explained.
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