Bringing the Townships to Montreal

By Cassie MacDonell, Local Journalism Initiative
Bringing the Townships to Montreal
Rinat Rashapov, left, and Daniel Porter, right, are members of The Townships, a band that plays locally inspired music. (Photo : Courtesy)

“I chose the name The Townships (for my band) despite having lived all over Canada—Montreal, Calgary, Toronto—because despite how amazing the rest of this country is, I really feel like the Townships is such a wonderful and unique place and it will always be home to me. I put a lot of who I am into my lyrics, and who I am is because of The Eastern Townships,” said Daniel Porter, vocalist of The Townships.
Porter grew up as an anglophone in Coaticook, attending Alexander Galt RHS and Champlain College. Now, he has taken those experiences and formed a band in Montreal with his brother-in-law, Rinat Rashapov.
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