BU students offered a special Thanksgiving meal

By Jordan Dionne, Special to The Record
BU students offered a special Thanksgiving meal
Over 500 Bishop’s students were able to celebrate Thanksgiving this past weekend in their own bubbles thanks to bags with all the necessary holiday fixings provided by the university. (Photo : Jordan Dionne)

The Bishop’s University Students’ Representative Council (SRC) was busy Saturday afternoon handing out bags of ingredients so that students could host their own local Thanksgiving dinners.
With COVID-19 infections still on the rise, the SRC wanted to make staying in Lennoxville for Thanksgiving an option for students in order to limit the number returning to their hometowns for the holiday weekend.
According to SRC President Enzo Evangelisti, the initiative was a collaborative effort between the SRC and BU’s Student Life department with funding provided by the BU Alumni Association.
The Alumni Association surpassed its $5,000 goal to fund the project. SODEXO came up with the menu and sourcing
for the food, and the SRC was in charge of the distributing the Thanksgiving meal bags to over 500 students on Saturday afternoon.

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