Bubble tea in Richmond

Bubble tea in Richmond

By Nick Fonda

A visitor strolling along the two-block stretch of Main Street that makes up Richmond’s downtown core might be hard pressed to spot the new health bar that serves bubble tea.

“No, I don’t have signage up yet,” says Èmilie Duchesne, the owner of Le Royalté, which opened its doors at the beginning of November.

“I will have a sign up soon,” she continues, “but I have a more pressing problem that has to be fixed first—my refrigerator unit, which I bought second hand, needs repair as it’s not working properly.”

Le Royalté—the name is a cute pun in French—is still very much a work in progress.

“I have over 2,000 square feet of floor space divided into three rooms,” Èmilie says of her shop located at 151 rue Principale.  “The smallest is being used for storage for the time being, although I may sublet it.  The largest makes up the health bar itself, and the third one will serve as a playroom for toddlers and children.  Parents who come in with their children will have a chance to sit quietly for a few minutes with their tea while their kids can play safely a few feet away.”

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