Bugs: it’s what’s for dinner

By Gordon Lambie

At some point, it happens to everyone; you open up a box of cereal and there among the seeds and grains are some unwelcome added guests, wriggling and worming their way around. It is one of those “oh yuck” moments that totally changes the course of the morning as you try not to think about how many bugs you might have already eaten by accident. Samuel Richard wants to change that, but maybe not in the way some readers are hoping. Richard is the financial and sales manager for the Insectivores insect farm, a project he started with two partners at the end of 2017. “We were talking about how, in almost every other country, people eat insects and wondering why not here?” Driven by that question, Richard started down the road that led to the foundation of the farm, which is now operating in the Mauricie region producing “vers de farine,” otherwise known as mealworms, for both human and animal consumption. See full story in the Monday, Aug. 12 edition of The Record.

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