Burger fans sought to support multiple sclerosis research

By Michael Boriero
Burger fans sought to support multiple sclerosis research
Caroline Larocque Robineau with her partner (Photo : Courtesy)

While eating fast food is not necessarily part of a doctor’s dietary recommendations, on Aug. 18, Canadians are encouraged to head down to their local A&W and pick up a Teen Burger to support the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society of Canada.
This will be the 14th annual A&W awareness and fundraising campaign, also known as Burgers to Beat MS Day. According to MS Society of Canada Senior Director of Philanthropic Development Pierre Couture, the campaign has raised over $17 million in the past 13 years.
“The money goes to obviously support research, advocacy, and also support to caregivers and people affected by the disease across the country. There’s about 90,000 Canadians suffering from MS and there are 12 people every day that receive a diagnosis for this disease,” he said.
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