Burry Feed & Supply Co. to receive makeover

Burry Feed & Supply Co. to receive makeover

By Bird Bouchard


A well-known and ‘historic’ building in Bury is set to receive a facelift.

Joel Barter has tackled many projects in and around the area throughout the years. His latest project, the Bury Feed & Supply Store, has been on his radar since 2016.

Barter said the building has been painted sporadically over the past 25 years but still remained one of one the eyesores in town. Determined to not let one of the town’s most popular and well-known buildings continue to be an eyesore, he embarked on a mission to give the building some new life.

He began by contacting Ron Bake, the owner of the building, to see if he could get permission to fundraise and re-paint the facade back to its original form.

Little did he know at the time, there would be more hoops to jump through to get the job done.

“I had to contact Robin Hood flour because their name was on the front end of the sign. I had to get their permission to use their trademark again,” said Barter. “I contacted them in 2016 only to find out Smuckers had bought out Robin Hood.”

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