CABMN welcomes social intervention students from France

CABMN welcomes social intervention students from France
On the left are Niska Coordinators and Social Intervention students from France. On the right, two members of the CABMN Staff, Angelle Laplume and Monique Gilbert, who met with the students. (Photo : Courtesy)

By Mable Hastings

On Tuesday, Oct. 5 the Missisquoi North Volunteer Centre (CABMN) in Potton welcomed coordinators from NISKA-a development consulting cooperative that offers training in citizen action and community development as well as a group of students who are directors and coordinators of “Community Centres” in social intervention in France. This visit is organized annually by NISKA Coordinator, Isabelle Mercieca as part of the group’s studies in the field of community development and social work.
This year due to Covid restrictions and safety protocols the group was divided upon arrival with a coordinator and half the students paying a visit to the CABMN Senior Centre located at 309 Principale in the Anglican Church hall where the group was hosted by CABMN SAPA Senior Services team members, Monique Gilbert-Coordinator and Angelle Laplume. The other half and a coordinator met with the CABMN Executive Director Mable Hastings and staff member, Krysten Vanier at the CABMN Main office. After an hour the two groups rotated.
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