Calling all collectors: A Townships toy story

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Calling all collectors: A Townships toy story
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By Ocean Francoeur

Special to The Record

Michel Roy comes from a family of collectors, and he certainly inherited the gene. For 35 years he has collected over 3,000 toys of all types, from wind-ups to trains and trucks, all the way to Happy Meal toys. Now, however, Roy has decided to make some room and share his treasures with the world in a two-part auction. “I felt like it was time to move on. I’m not bitter or sad about selling them,” said Roy, of his collection. “ I had always been curious to see what auctioning them off would be like, but I never dreamed I’d be setting up my own!” The toys will be sold in two unreserved auctions; one live and one online. The live auction will take place next weekend, on Aug. 25 and 26. It will begin at 9:30 a.m. at the Richmond community center. The online auction will last a whole week, from August 27 to September 2, ending at noon. See full story in the Thursday, August 16 edition of The Record.

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