Campaign to break isolation among seniors

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The organization Les Petits Frères has launched the Contrer l’isolement – Pour l’amour des aînés campaign to raise donations for the COVID-19 Emergency Fund for isolated seniors. While seniors are the most affected by the pandemic and those who were already isolated are being affected even more, they need to be supported now to prevent them from becoming collateral victims. This campaign is a call for donations to enable Les Petits Frères to maintain and expand their support for isolated seniors.
For nearly 60 years, Little Brothers has had the mission of countering the isolation of single people in their old age by creating a family around them that is committed and faithful to them until the end of their lives. Active in 11 regions of Quebec, the organization is the only one to accompany seniors, regardless of their condition, until the end of their lives and even after. At an average age of 85, they are accompanied for about four years, but this can go on for more than 10 years. The majority of them live in poverty and almost one-third suffer from complex health problems.
“At a time when we are in an exceptional situation, Little Brothers are being asked more than ever to help the elderly. Usually, we know that one in five seniors has no one to rely on. In times of crisis, the situation gets worse and that’s why we are calling on the empathy and generosity of Quebecers to help us support those who built our society,” commented Caroline Sauriol, Executive Director of Les Petits Frères.
From the very first moments of the crisis, the volunteers and teams from the organization mobilized to maintain contact with the 1,700 seniors who are accompanied throughout the year. Faced with growing needs as many people were suffering from isolation, Les Petits Frères quickly felt the need to launch a vast mobilization and support operation. The organization set up a free call chain available throughout Quebec, offering anyone 75 years of age and older the opportunity to receive regular calls from volunteers recruited and trained to reach out to them. To sign up for this chain of calls, people can call 1-877-805-1955. In addition to providing a presence, volunteers are helping seniors cope with the anxiety, stress and uncertainty caused by the pandemic.
Les Petits Frères has several measures in place to address the urgent needs that are emerging as a result of the pandemic. The organization has put in place, within a very structured framework, logistics so that selected volunteers can go on urgent and unavoidable errands for seniors in need.
Every dollar can make a difference and allow Les Petits Frères to continue to be present with the most vulnerable, the elderly.
Donations can be made online at

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