Canadian government to welcome unlimited fleeing Ukrainians

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Canadian government to welcome unlimited fleeing Ukrainians

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced new immigration streams for Ukrainians. There will be no limit on the number who can apply.

While announcing new measures expected in the coming weeks, the IRCC statement also takes pains to salute the historic role of Ukrainian immigrants have played in Canada and the inspiration drawn from their courage and resilience in the face the current invasion. “Canada is here to support you. We are actively working to launch these measures and stand ready to welcome more Ukrainians to Canada.”

A Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel will be created for Ukrainians wishing to come to Canada temporarily. Pending background and security screening, Ukrainians nationals applying through this stream will have their stay in Canada extended to 2 years.

The government aims to have the new pathway open in 2 weeks. In the interim Ukrainians are encouraged to apply through existing streams and their applications will be prioritized.

This is touted as the “fastest, safest, and most efficient” way to welcome those fleeing the country, because it eliminates typical visa requirements.

The IIRC expects immediate and extended family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be considering leaving to start a new life in Canada.
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