Canadians encouraged to check their trees this month

Record Staff
Canadians encouraged to check their trees this month
(Photo : Courtesy CFIA)

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is asking Canadians to check for invasive pests in their own backyard as a part of Tree Check Month, which takes place in August. Noting that trees and plants are essential to maintaining Canada’s clean air, natural spaces, parks, gardens, and a healthy economy, the agency is encouraging a proactive approach to tracking down certain invasive insects, diseases, and other organisms that threaten the health of Canadian trees and plant life.
According to the CFIA, invasive species are most often introduced and spread throughout Canada via human activity, such as trade and the movement of firewood or outdoor equipment. Pests can hitch a ride unseen in firewood, dirt and outdoor equipment (vehicles, trailers, camping gear, etc.). Climate change can also contribute to the spread of invasive species by changing environments so pests can survive where they couldn’t before.
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