CAQ dangles carrot: ETSB not biting

By Matthew McCully

Media reports circulated Wednesday suggesting that English school boards could be spared when school board reform legislation is tabled later in the fall.
The Eastern Townships School Board (ETSB) opted not to take the bait. CBC reported that a source within the CAQ government said that within the legislation, expected to be tabled next month, the structure of school boards would change, but elections would remain in place under the new system, to elect parents and community members. Commissioners, however, would not be part of the new system, which, of course, will include a name change.

ETSB chairman Mike Murray wasn’t ready to jump for joy at the rumours that exceptions could be made to accommodate minority language rights. “It’s way too early to speculate,” Murray said. See full story in the Thursday, Sept. 12 edition of The Record.


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