CAQ looks to hold on to Orford

By Michael Boriero
CAQ looks to hold on to Orford
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In the last provincial election in 2018, Gilles Bélanger, the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) candidate in Orford, came out on top in a fairly contested riding with 12,117 votes and a seat at the National Assembly in Quebec City.
Bélanger enters this year’s election as the incumbent, and according to 338Canada, the odds-on favourite to win the riding again. But he is aware that his station within the community has wavered over the past four years due to his responsibilities taking him away from Orford.
Bélanger said that, in going door-to-door to gauge support, many of his constituents have expressed their displeasure over his lack of time spent in the riding. But he has refuted the notion that he was not present for the past four years. He was busy making life better in Orford.
“My leadership, the way I do politics, which I do the same way I used to do business, I delegate a lot of responsibility. I like when my crew are leading different tasks and meeting with media and press conferences, so that’s probably different than typical politics,” Bélanger said.
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